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Public lands for present and future generations.


Chetco Bar Fire Salvage Project
Public Comments Now Open

Rogue River Siskiyou N.F. is seeking public comment concerning their Chetco Bar Fire Salvage Project.  We hope you can find some time to engage in this important comment process by January 31st.  Please mention that you are a CCPLA member.

  • Here are some great resources from "Healthy Forest Healthy Community" including an already made, pro-salvage, comment form that you can customize and send or "cut and paste" into your own email: Link Here
  • USFS News Release: Link Here
  • USFS Chetco Bar Salvage Project Website Page: Link Here
  • RRSNF Scoping Letter: Link Here
  • RRSNF Scoping Map: Link Here

Electronic comments can me submitted to: comments-pacificnorthwest-siskiyou-goldbeach@fs.fed.us

Written comments should be sent to:

Chetco Fire Salvage Coordinator Jessie Berner

Gold Beach Ranger District

29279 Ellensburg Ave.

Gold Beach, OR 97444

OHA Grant

Big THANK YOU to the Oregon Hunters Association OHA for our 2016 grant funding of $1000 to help CCPLA with its road and trail projects. 


The CCPLA is glad to announce that we are the recipients of Title 2 RAC funding for the amount of $11,000.  The funding is to be divided between 4 years and to be applied to volunteer work on USFS roads and trails.  Good news for our volunteers,  

Curry Citizens for Public Land Access  
Chetco Bar Fire Recovery Points of Interest and Concern
As the fire suppression activity winds down and is wrapped up, attention is turned to rehab and recovery. Of immediate interest to CCPLA is continued access, so here are some points to consider and share.

  • Roadways or bridges damaged by the fire or the suppression activities be immediately brought back to a condition equal to or better than they were before.
  • Any roads opened up to support the suppression effort should be left open, regardless of their status in the Travel Management Plan. Spending taxpayer dollars to tank trap or otherwise physically close roads needed in this fire, as well as other fires, past and future, would seem contrary to the interest of the citizens of Curry County, and that of the Forest Service as well. In the past, roads have been blocked after fires were suppressed, citing safety concerns, but with the backlog of well-known and long identified roadside hazards that have not been dealt with by the Forest Service this seems a weak justification, especially since travel routes within the fire area should have already had danger trees addressed.

  • CCPLA supports timely timber salvage in the Chetco Bar fire area.
  • Consider minimal fireline rehab for those historic lines likely to be needed again in the future.
  • Consider fire suppression needs when planning FS road maintenance, and approving other opportunities for road work, such as through groups like CCPLA.

Monthly Meetings

· Advocate to secure the maximum retention of recreational and other access on public lands.

· Educate the public of their rights and responsibilities for the purpose of promoting public land use.

· Coordinate volunteer efforts that enhance    public lands and public land access.

· Participate in planning and decision making processes by direct interaction with natural resource managers, recreationalist, public officials, and land owners.


Join Us! We typically have a work party planned for the second Saturday of each month. Zip Fendrich is our road work coordinator and Dennis Hoffman coordinates our trail work. For more information about road projects, call Zip Fendrich @ 541-247-7984, or email currypublicland@gmail.com

public lands for present and future generations.

CCPLA Members are a growing group of citizens with the shared purpose of retaining public land access for current and future generations. The CCPLA is a member based organization and is dependent on our membership, both in a practical sense, as your annual fee funds our basic operating expenses, such as insurance, office supplies, outreach materials and various fees, but also in a physical sense to work on our field projects. We could not exist without your support. Thank you CCPLA Members for your support, involvement and desire to keep this wonderful place we live accessible for everyone to enjoy.Contact us to find out how you can support the CCPLA and BECOME A MEMBER.

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The purpose of Curry Citizens for Public Land Access is to advocate for the protection of all forms of motorized and non-motorized access for recreation and other uses on public lands for present and future generations.


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