Volunteer Projects

CCPLA is able to work on road and trail projects on National Forest lands through a formal agreement with the US Forest Service. This agreement allows the CCPLA to propose projects, and once approved, maintain segments of roads and trails that most likely would not be maintained. Over the past year CCPLA workers have donated 473 hours of labor and many hours and miles of equipment use, all for the purpose of retention of public land access in Curry County.

2016 Projects Included:

Pinegrove Trail- Brushed 3 miles of trail from junction 3318 trail head to junction 3318.080 road.  Cut large log out of trail.

Hawkins Bar- Brushed side road and cut out turn-around.  Marked out water bars.  About 110 to 120 yards of rock spread on road.  Removed large rocks out of lower road with dozer.  Installed seven water bars with dozer.  Installed water bar on road across the main river road to stop run off.  Installed culvert at the bottom of the hill and put rock over.  Graded lower road.

Old Diggens Road- Removed trees out of road 5 miles up USFS Rd. 3310. Repaired washouts and culvert. Cleaned ditches and finished brushing road.

Hummingbird Gardens-Brushed walking trail. Dismantled rotted sign and picnic table.  Replaced table with metal and wood USFS picnic table.

Dunkelberger Rd.-Brushed out road. Hauled in rock with three trucks, one dump truck, two pick-ups, one trailer, one dozer and one backhoe. Filled in holes in road. Installed three water bars. Dugout culvert and replaced with a new one with rock cover. Performed dozer work on lower road.

Game Lake Road- Repaired road with pick and shovel to make road passable for high clearance vehicle.  Cut out two trees out of road.

Adams Road- Brushed and cleaned trees out of road.

Miller Road- Brushed out and cleaned roadway.   Repaired washout and water bars.

Southard Lake- Finished brushing.  Cleared small trees off road on last quarter mile.

Red Flats- Repaired washouts. Cleaned culverts and water bars.  Performed some brushing.

Mid-Drift ODFW- Removed trees and brush.  Enlarged parking area and driveway with dozer. Cleared out river access.  Spread rock on parking area and driveway.  Installed sign.

board Members

  Special Thank Yous   

Tim Harding @ Precision Performance

for helping repair tires damaged

on the job.

Jerry Engdahl @ Norris's Body Shop for helping with equipment repair.

Pam Tamms for use of her dump truck.

Chris Coleman @ C&M Equipmentfor

helping with safety supplies and equipment.

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Clare Reynolds

Road Coordinator

Zip Fendrich

Trail Coordinator

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Environmental Coordinator

Mike Miller

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Board Member At Large

Chris Coleman

The CCPLA is working hard to promote our members interests concerning public land access management policies, through participation in opportunities for public comment through provisions of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). Members are encouraged to ensure their public representatives are aware of their interests concerning access to public lands. Our intent is to provide land management agencies and government officials with a clear and balanced understanding of how Curry County Citizens value and use their public lands, which at times will be very different than many of the comments they receive.

2016 CCPLA Public Comment Archive

Some of the following issues contained in the archive include: Mineral Withdrawal, Kimball Thin Timber Sale, Forest Plan Revision Interim Wildlife Monitoring Plan, Travel Analysis Subpart A, Shasta-Agness Project, Elk River Salmon Special Management Area, Rogue River channel maintenance, and the Travel Management Plan.

CCPLA submitted proposals to USFS on several issues, hoping to address public concerns and challenges with federal road, trail and firewood access in Curry County. Decisions are pending.

  • Signal Buttes Trail has been CLOSED to motorized vehicle access through the finalized Travel Management Plan. The CCPLA has repeatedly submitted a proposal to keep motorized access open and would rehab past resource damage and implement a free permit system.
  • Currently the lower segment of the Pine Grove Trail has been closed to ALL ACCESS pending a reroute decision. The CCPLA, working with other groups, has submitted a proposals that would address the private land issues that are behind the closure. 
  • CCPLA has asked the USFS to stop burning log decks after timber sales, making a traditional source of firewood available to the public again. The proposal submitted includes offering assistance with clean up if that is the stumbling block until firewood friendly contract provisions can be used in future timber sales. Permission has not yet been granted but USFS has stated that new policies will soon be released.
  • The draft Travel Management Plan says that Adams Prairie will remain open to motorized access only the road is maintained to a Level 2 standard. CCPLA has submitted a proposal that would allow this work to occur.
  • Other proposed projects waiting approval include
    • Vulcan Peak USFS Road 1909
    • Road to Woodruff Meadow (Woodruff Meadow Trail is currently designated non-motorized.)
    • ATV bridge on USFS Rd. 3313-100 (known as "Bidge Out")
    • Fry Place USFS Rd. 3318-122 & 129
    • Lawsons Creek USFS Trail 1173
    • Potato Patch Meadow USFS Access Roads 3533380, 3533350, 3533000

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